Energy Centered Leadership

People are energetic beings.

Scientists have identified four types of subtle energies that permeate the universe, interpenetrating all matter and giving rise to all other forms of energy. The four energies are distinguished by their direction of flow and their frequency of vibration. Together these energies constitute the "dark energy" that is 74% of the energy-matter of the universe.

The four subtle energies also give rise to all matter, with each energy coming into form as one of the four states of matter.

Any given person is tuned to one of the four energies more than the others. This is a fundamental wiring that makes a person who they are. The subtle energies operating in a person determine their motivation, style, emotional needs, and natural abilities.

The first type of subtle energy flows independently of gravity in any direction, with the highest frequency of vibration, converting to matter in a gaseous form.
People absorb the four energies in different proportions, which accounts for their individuality. People also radiate the energies they absorb, and sometimes different energies. This is similar to phosphorescence where some materials can radiate a different frequency of energy than the frequency they are absorbing.
The second type of subtle energy takes an upward direction, providing buoyancy and levity in opposition to the gravitational force. It comes into form as plasma.
The third energy flows downward, submitting to gravity and converting to liquid matter.
Around every person there is a measurable energy field across a wide spectrum -- from heat and low-frequency magnetism, to light, and even gamma rays.
Internally, the four energies collect in corresponding types of cells: the 4th in bones, the 1st in nerves, etc.
The fourth kind of subtle energy spreads out horizontally, along gravitational force lines. It has the lowest frequency of the four types of energy, and creates solid material forms.

The four energies can be identified in people by their walk, the sound of their voice, their way of responding to challenge, their aspirations, their physical appearance, and many other ways.
The subtle energies of a person can even be felt and identified at a distance.

Know your own energetic type, feel the energetic type of your customer, and you'll know how to match yourself energetically -- for improved teamwork, leadership and sales.
You'll also know how to instantly shed stress or energize yourself.

Relate to people's minds and you'll touch their reason.

Relate to their hearts and you'll stir their feelings.

Relate to their energetic type and you'll move them to action.


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